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A Message From Cynthia

I began my career in corrections in 2009 working as a student worker answering phones in the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison. After graduating college, I was hired full time as a deputy tasked with care, custody & control of the offenders housed in the jail. It wasn't long before I was transferred to work with the female offenders in the jail and working in the female housing unit was quite different from the males. Women required so much more than men and oftentimes the needs of women just weren't met. 

The high recidivism rate for not only men but for women as well was painfully disturbing for me and I made up in my mind early on that I had to do something to help end this mass incarceration epidemic in Louisiana. It wasn't quite clear to me at that time what was causing men and women to return to jail and prison at such an alarming rate but after much research and study of the criminal justice system in Louisiana, I discovered the disconnect between transitioning from corrections back to community for those returning home. 10 years later, Magnolias in Transition was born. 


Magnolias in Transition

Who We Are

Our Mission is to help marginalized women and girls through promoting advancement in education and life skills. Magnolias in Transition (MIT) aims to break the back of mass incarceration by helping women and girls successfully transition from corrections to community and maintain a life of Freedom.

Vision-To see every woman and girl live a life of intention and purpose.

Values and Principles-Belief in redemption and success after incarceration.

Our Services

Support group meet every 1st Saturday @ 1 P.M.

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Core Values



Access to education upon return is one of the few clear roads to a more successful reentry. Research has established the value of education, and particularly higher education, as a key to lower recidivism and higher social mobility—contributing to enhanced earnings, increased civic engagement, and stronger families.



Finding a job is an important goal for many returning citizens after incarceration. Many face numerous obstacles on their quest to obtain employment. We're here to aid in finding employment and referral to career counseling.



"There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish."             —Michelle Obama 

Empowerment of women is a necessity for the very development of a society. Formerly incarcerated women deserve to enjoy their right to control and benefit from resources and the ability to improve their economic status and well-being.



Excellence is about contributing our best to the world while evoking others to do the same. It's about understanding our place and making our mark in the world, as we attempt to make it a better place. Excellence is honoring others as we move forward towards our vision. Excellence lies in the hearts of all who evoke it in others by mentoring, supporting, exemplifying and giving back.


Cynthia Young, MPA


Cynthia has worked for several years in corrections and advocating for social justice. This work led her to starting a non-profit (Magnolias In Transition) for formerly incarcerated women and girls. She's also a published author and the founder of the Glowing In Grace Accountability Group where women come together to hold one another accountable. She holds a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice and is a 2018 graduate of University of Louisiana at Monroe with a Master's degree in Public Administration.

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